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Try these links:

Dr. Demento Page
The official web site.
The Society to Preserve and Encourage Radio Drama, Variety and Comedy.
Los Angeles Radio People
A great page on the latest news about all aspects of L.A. radio personalities, and Hawthorne writes a nostalgia column for it! You do have to pay to subscribe, however, it's a reletively small fee. Check it out!
Radio Broadcasting History, Radio People
Hawthorne gives a short summary of his career and a brief but upbeat interview.
Local Legends
No Hawthorne on this page yet, but it's a great page for fans of vintage local Los Angeles TV shows.
Daws Butler page
Chances are if you're a Hawthorne & Freberg fan, you already like Daws Butler, too. Joe Bevilacqua's done a fantastic fan page on one of the great voices of our time, who worked with Hawthorne, too!
THE Colonel Stoopnagle site, "Stoopnocracy Is Peachy!"
The closest thing to Hawthorne on radio before Hawthorne, Colonel Stoopnagel and Bud had a really surreal, really funny style you should check out.
Uncle Ricky's Reel Top 40 Radio Repository
The original radio aircheck website.


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