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Hawthorne is currently taking a break from writing a radio history and nostalgia column for Los Angeles Radio People while he recuperates from his recent surgery. It's a web page all about the latest news in Los Angeles radio, and Hawthorne's column comes out every Monday. His writing is very insightful and knowledgeable about all aspects of radio. Once he's back at the keyboard we'll update you! This page does require a subscription for a minimal fee.

Hawthorne also wrote a weekly "at large" newspaper column for a group of San Diego North County papers in the 1990's. These are priceless recollections, and give an insight into the events of the time that made Hawthorne so popular. Here are a few he has generously shared:

May 27, 1992     | "Remembering..."
August 19, 1993  | "Chocolate Chips"
June 2, 1994   | "History of the Hogantwanger"
November 3, 1994     | "Sam Schmoe, Part 1..."
November 10, 1994     |"Sam Schmoe, Part 2"
August 6, 1997   | "More Memory Dredging..."
December 1998   | LA Radio People Web Page
February 23, 1999   | "Hawthorne: An Early Shock Jock"

Jim Hawthorne's Original Trains, Tracks, and Trolleys- 'A Railfan's Pocket Diary of the First 100 Years of Historical "Firsts" in the Wonderful World of America's Rail Services'.
This is Hawthorne's latest book and you can order it by simply e-mailing him at! He might even autograph it for you!

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